Ordered a new laptop

It’ll arrive on this Friday likely


Which one did you get?

it’s this one:
Lenovo Legion Pro 5i i9/16/1000/4070/240 Hz 16"


I heard lenovo pc are quite good,

As I remember my brother had lenovo long time ago. He was quite happy with the computer

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Looks great but it comes with a price. Are you going to use it for gaming?

Didn’t you buy a MacBook recently?

yes. I bought a macbook in January but it doesn’t work for gaming and my studies in hs

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Apparently baldurs gate 3 works for Mac. I’m going to play it as soon as I’m done with the bioshock series on my switch.

Enjoy your new computer!

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The config is pretty good. It should be great. Enjoy your new laptop.

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The specifications looks good. Enjoy!

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