Oops. I did it Again! ( Cricket Related )

So worked my ass off since wed to get a wicket up for the thirds…we have five cricket sides this summer. Anyways. You talk about superstitious folk and I guess cricketers are like baseballers. You tend to keep certain routines if your doing well and bail on those that aren’t.

Anyways. We have this cool setup where they livestream the home games on youtube so I’ve been watching the thirds play this afternoon at home. My little brother who is the best cricketer in our family got a bat and I watched it live. I hate watching him live because he always gets out when I do and do great when I’m not …

Today. He didn’t trouble the scorer and got dismissed for a duck…0. When your a cricketer it’s the worst possible score…I don’t think I’ll watch him bat again…I feel like I am the curse to his cricket at the moment :frowning:


Ah it just wasn’t his day. Bet he was happy you got to see him play :blush:

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Haven’t talked to him yet. It’s cool I could see it…but whether watching live or online I feel I’m the unlucky rabbits foot. He’s a way better bat than me and it’s nice to see him do well…well not see him haha!

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Cricket is a cool sport!


@TheCanuk I put in the cricket trigger warning because it’s such an alien sport for North America. Most people have no clue over there of the ins and outs but that is cool. I just think it’s wise that I should say so to prevent more confusion haha.


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