One winter pic




Beautiful landscape. I know you’re ready for spring though!


Spring arrives in the beginning of April, so 80 more days :smile:


Wow, where do you live?


Eastern Finland …


Oh cool! Finland is one of the countries I would like to see if I ever do any world travel. I would like to see the arctic circle, but it is probably more practical for me to see it from Alaska.

Do you get to see the Northern Lights? I want to see them.


Where I live I have not seen the Northern Lights in many years, they have more Northern Lights in Lapland.


cool pic, @mjseu. Is that a frozen lake?


Yes it is a frozen lake.


We have not had very cold temperatures yet in this winter, -15 degrees C was coldest, but they forecast that colder temperatures are coming as they often are in this time of a year.

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