One of my hobbies - Lace knitting

So lace knitting is my rather recent hobby.
I did this one last year.

And this one is what I’m working on right now since last August.

Actually, my mother likes to knit lace too, and she has been doing it since she was 18!
So I asked her how to get started, and now I’ve been doing this for two years now.

It was pretty hard for me to complete a thing before, but now I’m much more patient.
It’s so satisfying when I sit down in a quiet room and do this kind of thing while listening to music.

Today, I did one or two motifs, and the runner is going to be completed in a few months or so. I’ll upload again when finished. :blush:


I saw a channel 9 show on this… Wow. It’s looks amazing. I have no idea how you keep all those strings in order. A major talent.

Love the piece you show here. Very pretty. how long did it take you to make?

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Very cool. I can never get the tension right so my doilies never turn out. You can do this with wool as well and make afghans or blankets.

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Thank you so much.

The first one took 8 monthes to finish, and the second one has been taking about 10 months now.

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Yeah I would love to.
Wool might be much harder, though.

My big hands need super chunky wool. I can’t knit the thin wools. So it’s always supper chunky for me.

Which makes super chunky socks that don’t always fit into my shoes. But good for shuffling around the house in on a chilly morning.


I found wool easier as I didn’t have to worry about tension the same. I think if you are that good at using lace that you may enjoy using wool too.

Really? But I think wool is more sensitive than normal cotton thread.
I tend to knit a little tighter than normal so I’m a bit worried…

I’m a loss knitter too which is probably why I have problems with cotton thread. I think you should give it a try. If it doesn’t work then no harm done but if it does then you can make your first afghan.

That’s right, I think I’ll give it a try.
I’d love to try a big one to lay over the bed or sofa for winter.
Wool might be perfect.

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That’s beautiful! It must take a lot of patience to knit such intricate things. :smile:

beautiful!!! your very talented…

@Hadeda @bubbles Thank you so much for saying that :blush:

Nice hobby. I wonder how much money you could get for one of those?

Would be expensive!!
It takes so much time and effort.

Those are very beautiful. What a great skill to have, you could make money with those. I would buy them for sure.
I have some my grandmothers have made and still have the booklets on patterns. Wished I had your talent.
All I ever managed was a very heavy knitted cotton blanket, i had forgotten how to pearl(?) and knitted the whole thing. It’s great in the winter.

Knitting is great-that`s all I do in the winter. knitting lace looks so hard-and Nick is right-you could make some money with that! Not too many people can do that kind of work and it should be expensive. Really, any hobby could be a money-maker.

Wow very cool. Its good to have such an artistic hobby - looks very nice