Om's madhouse 2


I don’t like people. I am a loner. You? You like interaction?


Yes of course I like interacting with you


Yes. In real life? Is it that easy?


I like interacting with sexy female


It’s hard to find people but as they know me they love me


That’s cool. Do you know any sexy women?


I am super charming


Haha yes you are bro


Yes few we are friends but don’t go out anywhere


Do you work spooks?


Yes of course I have good job :+1:


Damn, you have quite a lot of delusions and voices. I’m surprised the meds haven’t completely stopped your symptoms. I guess your schizophrenia actually counts as a disability as you have symptoms. I don’t hear anything and am delusional about nothing, yet my pdoc still wants me on meds forever…it makes no sense.


I was not ready to lower doses.
Today I am fine. But yesterday I was out of my mind


Delusions are by far the worst thing in schizophrenia.


My psychiatrist said that these things happen. And he increased haldol back to previous dose: 50mg


What meds and dosages are you on again? I forget…


I have delusional philosophical thoughts and depression and low energy. Currently suffering from a cold right now. I don’t work or go to school. My hygiene sucks. I drink 3 monsters a day…

I smoke 20-30 cigs a day. I’m 100 lbs overweight.

That sums up my schizophrenia.


They say it gets better. Idk about that. There are good days. The rest bleh.


I am on 50mg haldol, 60mg zyprexa and 30mg abilify. Plus 2 meds for anxiety and one antidepressant. You?


It gets better with time?
I only have schizophrenia for 1,5 years