Om's madhouse 2


Pdoc gave me antipsychotics when I was in prodromal phase. So we acted very quickly.


Just 100mg paliperidone, to be reduced this month to 50mg. Also I might take 1mg tablets of risperidone instead. Jist depends if my pdoc is gonna be a stubborn ■■■■■.




Well I hope things get better. :blush:


I’ve never been on this thread not even sure what its about


It’s my place with all my symptoms and stuff.


I am confused. My brain is foggy and I can’t tell if something happened in reality or in my dreams


Whenever I get in my home, I feel there is a strange presence of someone, an intruder or a spirit.


Something follows me





I feel an eye on me. Always looking at me.
I feel the presence of a spiritual/invisible being in the house. I don’t feel alone when I am alone. I am paranoid


Today I saw a ufo. I guess it was ufo or a white bird. Can’t be sure


Am I paranoid feeling someone’s eye on me? I wouldn’t like the alien delusion again.


So we set an appointment with my tattoo artist to meet and draw first what i am gonna have.
The appointment was for yesterday, but suddenly he told me he is busy and he suggested to meet today. He never showed up. Wtf? My paranoid mind believes he has a problem with me


What is the next tattoo you are going to get @Om_Sadasiva ?