Okay, friends, nobody has to be different,

Remember what R.E.M. said: Belong.

Why bother trying to fit in when I was born to be amazing? :wink:

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The lonesomeness of this pandemic is getting me so down in the dumps. Relationships at home too are feeling the pain. Even babies are affected. I sometimes wonder though if I would’ve made it though this year, if it weren’t for the newest member of the fam.

And he resembles my dad. And is a foodie like him you can tell. I’m a little bit closer to my bro than my sis, but it’s hard to describe, I think I just worry more about him, I check on him more maybe, and I remember when he was a baby. Now ‘the baby’ has a baby.

Guess at the end of the day I have it pretty good maybe.

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thanks, thanks, thanks, you guys!

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I don’t see all, but you should stay! You like to write, you tried to lift me out of my quicksand digging downward spiral du joir(sp) today…

you’re just cool to me you know??

For your ears: My mother once said to me when I was going through a rough patch at work, she said “Everyone wants respect”.

That gets at the heart here for me, for you, and for good housekeeping! In other words I’m sure we can both do better, drop no barbs, and stuff will magically improve. We can repair things.

Every sinner has a future, that sort of thing!

hugs, honey. glad you got the post.

it’s your own take. nothing really on my part. peace. love.


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