Oh those nicotine cravings

I have been without any tobacco smoking over six weeks now, which is good, but I have used some nicotine gum instead and now I stopped all nicotine gum and so came nicotine cravings, I must be strong to stop all nicotine in my life, I think I can do it.


Keep us posted on how it goes. 6 weeks is a good start.

You can do it! :smile:

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Yes, I think that I can do it. It is interesting how the smoking habit started, I did not smoke at all 10 years ago, but then I was socially involved with some people who smoked tobacco and then I smoked just occasionally when I was with these people, then it evolved and I started smoking tobacco when I was alone, I got addicted to nicotine. Now I am not involved in any social activities where people smoke tobacco and I think this makes it easier for me to stop, I do not really like how tobacco smells. Yes, six weeks is a start.


I need to stop vaping, keep meaning to stop but don’t.

Great start @mjseu! :maple_leaf: