Official mattress thread!

well i got rid of my tv, but when i had it, there was always commercials for mattresses. i don’t need much to sleep personally, there has never been a couch or mattress i couldn’t sleep a good 8 hours on. are you a mattress nerd, or light sleeper? i have one mattress and i will probably never replace it, it’s good enough for me. mom and dad are always buying the latest great mattress, and don’t even get me started on luxury sheets haha.


Im fussy about where I sleep. Guess I always have been. Slept on some terrible (broken) beds in my time but got myself a nice bed a few years ago and its got a few more years yet.

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I can’t sleep on a couch, cause I cant lay on my stomach and spread out. I can’t sleep on my side or on my back, or sitting up.

I have 2 mattresses, One in my bedroom and one in the basement. I use both. I prefer the basement because it is longer and my feet don’t hang off the end of it, the basement is also cooler which helps me sleep more comfortably.

My bedroom mattress has a memory foam topper, and my mattress in the basement has built in memory foam. They are both comfortable.


Years ago I bought a foam mattress for a few hundred bucks. I don’t remember if it’s memory foam or not. I want to get a better mattress but I can’t afford it so I’m stuck with this one. I guess it’s good enough for me because I can easily sleep 10+ hours a night on it.

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when i was staying at the halfway house when i first went on invega they had these terrible mattresses that for some reason caused me terrible back and chest pains. i asked the girl in the office to get me a new mattress and weeks passed, and then one day I had enough and told the janitor my problem and he opened an unoccupied room and gave me the mattress off the bed. The back and chest pains went away and i havent had them since.


Had my foam mattress from Amazon for about 4 to 5 years now. I have to rotate it here and there but I have my ideal sleeping hole or imprint in it now.

I’ve done some shitty tent sleeping, and trailer houses in July with no air conditioning while sleeping on the floor type thing. So I can proudly say that I am proud of my mattress.

Btw what a stupid word, mattress. Makes no sense.

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Got an airbed from Walmart and it’s more comfy than any spring mattress I’ve ever had, I have a bad back so finding a good place to sleep is a thing for me.


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