Off Topics

Is there a list of topics that are best to try to stay away from? I think I read all the rules just trying to make sure.

In general, religion/politics is a no go around here. Delusional posts are on a case by case basis, but in general, posts where somneone is seeking help overcoming a delusion are fine, posts where people are trying to convince others of their delusions are not. General discussions on topics that are very triggering (conspiracy theories, aliens, etc) tend to be heavily moderated in case things get triggering.

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From the top of my head:

  • No religious talk, unless you’re just merely mentioning the existence a religion (for example, I sometimes mention that I live in a very Mormon area)
  • No illegal drug talk, unless in a recovery oriented way
  • No recommending medications to other members. You can say that a certain med works great for you, but you can’t recommend someone else to take it.
  • Sexual talk is fine if it’s PG-13. No graphic descriptions. A lot of people here have sexual dysfunction and you’ll sometimes see threads about that.

That’s all I can think of… Did I miss anything, other member peeps?


You memorized the whole laws :joy::joy:


I’m not a mod, but in general the members also tend to frown upon encouraging/reinforcing other posters delusions.
And generally anti-psychiatry or trying to convince others to go off meds.


It’s not just illegal drug talk. It’s also abusing both legal and illegal drugs/alcohol (except recovery oriented).

Also, no assisted suicide discussion

No abortion debate.

No insulting other members

I don’t know, I can’t think of anything else that hasn’t been mentioned off the top of my head.

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You’ll figure it all out as you go and see members flagged or requested not to talk about certain things.

I’d also add cannibalism (except perhaps in a recovery context, but I’m not sure) and doom metal lyrics.

Your kidding right?

Yes, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This reminds me:
No suggestions on how to do something Illegal
I guess “promoting illegal activity” would be the correct phrase.


Also picking fights is a no no.

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if someone is convinced of a religious or spiritual delusion how would u help them overcome it? I posted seeking to overcome paranormal delusions and was suspended for proselytizing. That just makes me think people believed me, but I wasnt trying to convince anyone what i already believe. lol. I mean I have been coming a bit further from the delusions.

I recently talked on the phone to someone from the bank. I had a fixed delusion for years that vanguard was stealing my money. Then a nice woman from vanguard contacted me and said she listened to the recordings from 10 years back with the bank and vanguard. It was a miscommunication, my bank didnt tell me that a prepaid debit card doesnt work with brockerage and stock buying, and the purchases I made never went thru.

and of course my bank doesnt have any records of it. But the delusion was that my bank was pretending to send money and then pocketing it and not returning it back to my prepaid debit card…which is still possible, but the delusion part it where u put in different missing pieces and assume a major conspiracy between the banks, debit cards, and iphone apps…

I did get $800 for the wells fargo settlement tho…so i must have been onto something

We don’t talk about He Who Must Not Be Named.

Nope nope nope.



All posts like that are taken on a case by case basis. The line between seeking help and trying to convince others of your delusion can, unfortunately, be difficult to see when you are actively delusional.