Obssessive Compulsive Disorder or Paranoid Schizoprenia

Hi friends. I was just recently diagnosed with mild OCD- (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I only had one session with my professional yet. I haven’t fully shared everything with him, although i will do. I belive i may have type of paranoid schizophrenia, apart from the OCD. A certain situation that happened two years ago triggered an intrusive thought with massive proportions. Let me tell you the story first :slight_smile:

2016, december. I was in a diferent city (Europe), and i got some horrible flu. It went babd so i had to check to the local hospital.I went with mom who is doctor also :). So they run all test, blah blah all fine thank God, just some antibiotics and so on. However, the hospital had this fingerprint scanning policies, that they used for every visitor or i dont know the drill. It was for protection from fraud, from what i get. I was really lightheaded that day, sick, been awake for 30 hours. The woman in the check in room started to read me something i paied no attention. She gave me that little like charger thing that was the fingerprint scanner and i was following her instructions without even knowing what am i doing. At first there seemed to be some problem and she had to rescan them again, i dont even remember how many fingers she scanned. I just wanted to go home and take a nice sleep. Anyways the check in finised and i got out. While heading to the car, i felt like if something peeled out of my fingers. Again, 0 attention paid. Got home, forgot about it. Two months later, i watched a movie, where a very evil criminal had cutted off the very top layer of his fingertips, and he also cutted of the fingertips of his victims, placing their prints on different places to confuse the police. OCD was triggered at the moment. I suddenly felt panic and extreme rush of emotions, typical for OCD. I though - What if there was something glued to my fingers that they at the hospital, like someone elses fingerprint skin, and now those someone else’s fingerprints are registered under my name. What if it was the fingerprints of some evil criminal like the one in the movie. My mind started to invent conspiracy theories- someone came the privious night, modified/glued something to my fingerprints, that i somehow failed to notice. All scenarios. I knew and know how crazy it sounds, I eventually planned to go to the hospital to ask for another scanning, this time with my fingers well examined, to see if they match the once taken while me been lightheaded and sick. Turned out the hospital removed the scanner because being uneffecive. So i started to freak out those fingerprints that may have been someone else’s but registered under my name, will go on some secret service and they will wrongly accuse me of something i never did because of those fingerprints under my name that are not actually mine. I know you understand where i am going. But i fully realize how stupid and crazy it sounds, i cant share it with anyone. Accoriding to OCD forums, its typical Obsessive intrusin though. What do you think .

You should share everything with them. They can’t diagnose you otherwise.

We certainly can’t diagnose you as we’re not doctors.

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Sorry, can’t help you. I’m not a doctor.

Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the forums! Please be honest with your doctors, so they can treat your symptoms.

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