Notifications are fucked up

the notifications are not working properly at all, normally and in pm, i think that lots of posts on the private message group i started are not showing up for everyone, please fix this @SzAdmin

I’ve noticed too. Mine haven’t been working since logging on around 7pm Sept. 18

I also notice it no longer shows other people who answer a thread… just the icon of the poster and nothing else.

Good luck… I know you guys are always behind the scenes trying to make it right…

I appreciate what you do.

Yeah, here too.

Same here. And the schizophrenia banner on the top left isn’t showing up. This is quite annoying.

@SzAdmin I get the notifications for likes, not for replies or pm’s.

And also like astefano the banner on top is not showing

Same here, just notifications for likes. But if the notification system is down, maybe we can’t attract the attention of the admins!

@everhopeful did you get this?

No, I didn’t. I’ve flagged this thread for Moderator attention in the hope that they’ll see it.

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Thanks @SzAdmin for running this forums so well

My notifications are working, but the banner isn’t, which makes navigating the site difficult.

the link works here…

I’m on mobile if that makes a difference. is still down though

I’m receiving old notifications and also other people’s replies in my feed.

OK - just updated the software and got the web site back up. @everhopeful are notifications working again?

Me, too, in bunches. I’ve felt very popular this morning, but it all is turning out to be stuff I already knew about :crying_cat_face:


Yes, everything seems back to normal @SzAdmin

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