Nothing important to say


I have nothing important to say or do cause i am not important. I am so grateful for that.


You’re an alright guy @Dunno1. Just take it easy. You will get your chance one day about being important.

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I have nothing to say, and I am saying it, and that is poetry, as I need it. John Cage


There’s a post about pubic hair you can comment on up top if you wish to get your day going. :hushed: Seriously you are important. Everyone is. Take care of yourself.


You mean like every single bee in the hive is important for the survival of all bees even when it doesn’t feels like.


You can do great things in life that go unnoticed by the average person. But you know what you are accomplishing and achieving even if no one else does and that is all that counts.


In my mind i have done the whole lot i can imagine. But in reality its different. Its kind of boring. I like it that way.

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I am boring too

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I’m also boring. I mostly sit at home and don’t do much of anything. Not accomplishing anything.

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I am just relaxing :slight_smile:

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