Not taking my abilify

Man I wish I didn’t have to take this abilify. My symptoms r under control but I’ve put on a massive ampunt of weight and I can’t get it off. Bummer! Three side effects from these antipsychotic frogs piss me off. I wonder what the next generation of meds or antipsychotics will do?

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that’s strange. can they at least lower your dosage?

When I was on abilify I walked miles and miles everyday. I also ate toned but kept at a neutral weight.

Does Abilify make you walk like that, because walking miles at your own pace will help. No need to run.

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Yeah three side effects that are a big no-no for me are significant weight gain, anxiety/akathisia and loss of ability to orgasm. Other things I can tolerate but NOT those. Unfortunately finding a med, especially an antipsychotic, that does not do at least one of these things if not all is incredibly difficult. Good luck to you in your search as well, I have a lot of hope for future medications as we have already come a long way from what first gen was.

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I’m looking forward to iti-007. I’m on vraylar and it’s hard to lose weight.

Abilify was a stagnant drug for me.hope you get it adjusted and feel better.