Not sure if this is paranoia

I think the upstairs neighbors are planning to hurt me in some way. Theyve been yelling at me a lot. I cant tell whats going on. The female just called me a ■■■■.

I doubt anyone is trying to hurt you.

Ask yourself this: Have you done anything that would make someone want to hurt you?


No but i was almost murdered in 03 because anther female didnt like me.

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So maybe your paranoia is based around this particular event in ‘03? It may be something to consider.

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Once I found what was actually causing my paranoia, the thoughts didn’t bother me anymore. They are still there but it’s easier to dismiss.

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I have toavoid them when im outside.

Do whatever helps you to feel better. Hope you feel better.


Thx should be a cursing day

I thought you posted a few days ago that your upstairs neighbors had moved out, or did I get that wrong?

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They moved all of their stuff out but keep coming back everyday. Idk what’s going on.

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