Not heard back from PIP

I have not heard back. I swear its been almost 8 weeks. They say they havent decided yet if I should be interviewed or not when I called… its taking unusually a long time not sure if thats good or bad…


I applied in may 2019 and did not get a decision until September

Got a lot of back pay

That was also pre-covid-19


I had to wait 3 months. But it goes from the date of your claim, so your not losing out.

Im sure you will be fine, and get a fat amount in your account!

Seriously - they take ages.

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I had my PIP assessment come back relatively quickly, within 3 months with no assessment. Also good result. This is before covid though.

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I’m gonna be unlucky though but this is taking longer to be unlucky than usual.

Sounds like it could be a good thing.


I would be surprised if they interview during covid. Maybe they’ll call you though instead.


I know they are only doing telephone assesments cos they told me in jan.

You might be alright. Ill cross my fingers for you.

On my questions i basically just said i stay indoors, and that was it. I think they just worked off the sz diagnosis letter.

We all deserve it.


We defiantly deserve it @Naarai

This is a horrible illness.

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I know @Naarai but this is the forth time applied. This time is just different perhaps cos of Covid… I believe it will be a telephone assessment…

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I received my SSD three months after I first applied. My son’s case was the same way. My diagnosis was sza. My son’s diagnosis was

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