Not feeling great

Sorry for not being around much yesterday and today. I have a terrible headache and swollen lymph nodes. But I don’t have a fever and I don’t have respiratory symptoms so that’s good


Hope you feel better soon.

Could it be what your husband had for so long?

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I hope you get better soon…

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Hope you start feeling better soon.
Take it easy.

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@goldenrex, my husband also had fever and upset stomach so I don’t think so. But I think I’m fighting something off because my lymph nodes hurt

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Thanks @ForlornSaint @everhopeful


Hope it is short lived!

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I hope you feel better soon @Pianogal!

Feel better soon. :horse::horse::horse:

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You Speak Of Truth.

From The Deepest Caves Of Painful Memories I Can Only Imagine And Relate With. . .

Hope is Beautiful…, Never Retreating…, Jus Sometimes Scared To Live In The Sun. . .

But!, Time Keeps Drawing It’s Shadows Closer…, Thus Medal Of Honour…, Hope. . .

It May Feel Short Lived…, It Hasn’t Left As Quickly And As Realistically As It Seems. . .


Hold On…,

I Jus Reread Your Comment, @FatMama. . .

You Meant The Word Hope In A Very Different Fashion. . .

Sorry, @Pianogal!.


I Agree With Everyone Else In Thus Thread. . .

May Your Pain Have A Very Short Life!. . .

Good Luck & May Times Shadow Keep You In Hopeful Dreams (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. Mother Nature Is Alive In Our Hearts, And In Our Happiest Memories. . . . . . .

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Thanks @Wave @FatMama


Thanks @GrayBear @Sleystic

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You and I met when I first found the forum. I would like to offer that you get well soon please. :slight_smile: I know you probably will but you don’t have to say thank you. Lol you are sick! Please rest.

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Thanks @Inezinez. I really appreciate that. Ok, I’m going to rest now.

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