Nootropic NooCube

Has anyone got experience with this? I believe I’m experiencing some mild form of ADHD
Anyone know about this OTC ADHD supplement?

Note I’m also on Clozaril and Sertraline…

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I think it’s a placebo effect. Brains are really complicated even Drs don’t fully know how they work. Imo.


Without even bothing to research the whole formulation of give an overview which yoy can find by googling here here and here

250mg of Bacopa monnieri extract
Memory but it’s a sedative
250mg of L-tyrosine
This will work
175mg of cat’s claw concentrate
Not sure what this does a sedative?
150mg of oat straw concentrate
Not sure what this does?
100mg of L-theanine
This woll work
50mg of Alpha GPC
This will work
20mg of marigold extract
Not unless your older or something is wrong with your eyes
14.3mg of resveratrol
This debunked Life Extension
140mcg of pterostilbene
Same as above

1.2mg of vitamin B1 (100% DV)
2.4mcg of vitamin B12 (100% DV)
50mcg of biotin (167% DV)
B vitamins will work

Also just because you don’t know what something does. That doesn’t mean it’s anything good to the contrary. These formulation always pump in a bunch of uncertainty, random and crap ingredients with no scientific evidence, I think mainly just to make people think it will do something; to make it seem unique or proprietary orjust to confuse the audience.

Stick to single ingredients.

Bupropion, amoxitine, clonidine & guanfacine are your best bet depending on your subtype. Look stuff up on


Brain MD by Daniel Amen could be another option.

Their attention and focus products will have ingredients but overall the effect will be minimal

For adhd some entry level stuff that might help are
Omega 3
B vitamins
Oroxylum indicum

Some stuff I haven’t had experience with that I would be cautious of


I really appreciate your writings iris. I’m really looking up to you because of your life wisdom and knowledge

I agree. All extensive formulas I have tried have been counterproductive or not given results. Simple formulas with two or three ingredients can work though if ingredients are logical like for example tryptophan with b6 and magnesium, but other than that I avoid formulas.

Columbus man, thank you I’m honoured but I’m just a regular person. You know what they say about never meeting your heros, it’s true. People are always most underwhelming in real life.

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