Nomads life

Its getting to the point where I can’t handle my parents stuff anymore and need to move out ASAP. I feel as though I’m incapable o finding motivation to work even though I know being financially independent will give me more freedom.

I am currently an inquirer into the Catholic faith and hope to be baptized on Easter , April Fools Day this year.

I’m jobless, friendless, and depressed but I know I will overcome. I’ve been through worse things and know that things will work out.

As for day to day recently I’ve been going to the dmv a lot because no one there agrees on the same policies it seems and one agency tells me one thing and another agency tells me another.

Tonight I am going to a ceremony bc my sister is getting inducted into an honor society. And here I have a plaque on the hall of shame - I have a mental illness and stigma isn’t getting any better in the world.


PS my 21st bday is January 2nd. Hoping to be much slimmer by then.


Sounds like your motivation to work is getting out of your parents house

Being paid a million dollars to work probably won’t get me off my butt. I’m just lazy as hell.

You’ve got to break the inertia of not working. Force yourself to get started and it will be easier to keep going

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The first step is the hardest. I feel weighed down by my poor track record in sticking with a job. And my not being able to focus. I will try though- I have to. Thanks moonwalker

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I thought you were going to school for some reason? You can try a part time job or an internship for starters. I know a lot of people who have cheap or free housing here in Hawaii who have disability. Maybe you don’t need a job to move out. I’m planning to move closer to town (where all the jobs are) then doing something part time.

Good luck with baptism. Will you be confirmed immediately as well?

I dropped my classes. Way too much stress.

I’m thinking about disability…

I believe so , I’ll have to ask the priest.

Do you have a confirmation saint?

There are ways to be independent without going to school. Have you considered a easier major? I find a lot of easy looking jobs in the government like Library Assistant that just require an associates. If it’s being independent you want, I’m sure you’ll get there.