No more basketball. (sports)

well my sports watching is mostly over until next basketball season. I really like college ball more than the nba, but I still watch nba as well. I tried to get back into baseball but just couldn’t get into any of the other teams other than the Cincinnati reds.

don’t watch nfl anymore, will occasionally watch final round sunday golf but that’s not a weekly occurance.

so no more sports talk from me until next basketball season. hopefully, the UC bearcats and IU hoosiers have good seasons next year. that will keep me content through winter. and in the nba I pull for the boston Celtics. looks like kyrie irving is going to Brooklyn but you never know. I still pull for the Celtics, but won’t be expecting much from them.

that is all. sports.

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It’s good to have a horse in the race. NFL is the sport I can watch the regular seasons of whether my team is doing well or not.

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I’ll start on Canadian football league (CFL). Tomorrow is Winnipeg blue bombers game vs BC lions

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