No head pain tonight , second night in a row

was for about two or three waking up to crippling head pain in bed,

a friend or two told me to see a doctor.

nah, there’s nothing medical going on. it’s conspiracy.
I’m used to this.

Well, I’m glad you don’t have head pain now.

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Takes not much to get it checked out. Could be any number of reasons but pain is usually a good sign something is going on. I’d be urging you get a gp visit at least.


believe it or not @rogueone I’ve gotten good at listening to my body,
I’ve had to.
yes, I know something is going on.
but not in the ways you may imagine.

We have good gp health care. Not dissing you folks but you don’t pay out of pocket for gp visits or pathology. Yeah. We have waiting lists for a lot of complex things but it’s still not an out of pocket expense…

All’s I’m saying is get checked out if your in pain! The body is amazing for giving you clues to things…If it’s money I can relate otherwise go get checked out!

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ok, didn’t I just say, second night in a row, no head pain?

thanks though. I understand the fallacy, seen it a million times.

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