No amusing topics

Not many amusing topics today on the forum

It’s Saturday today

It’s weekend

But feeling bored on the forum

Don’t know what to post

Don’t know what topic to create

Hi guys what r u up to, what do u have to say?

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Just woke up. Made a song last night was fun. Gonna buy a hookah today, I think itll be cool

Wassup with you?


Ok great that u r chillin

Me too

Just finished lunch and am lying on the bed

Generally don’t sleep during the day

Just browsing the forum

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Nice. I woke up late is why. Stayed up late too

I havent eaten yet today lol I should

What did you have for lunch?

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Rice, dal, chapati, chutni, pickle

All veg today


Oh nice are you indian??

I love dal


Yes I am

I too love dal


Nice man. Im american but I live in europe rn

Its nice here but in the US its really hot theres a heat wave apparently



Ya I heard many ppl died in Oregon

Us is supposed to be a cool climate

Where in Europe are you

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Lol some parts of the US are cool. Others are sub tropical or desert so theyre hot

Im in southern France rn, near the mediterannean. Its perfect temperature


Oh ok

U r in France

Is the weather there generally pleasant or cold thruout the year

Ever been to Uk

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The weather here is temperate so it’s kinda cold in winter and warm in summer but never too hot or really cold

Been to london once, cool city but all the closed circuit tv everywhere freaked me out


So it’s pleasant

It’s cool that u have been to London

Cctv everywhere that must suck

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Yeah man they have a lot of surveillance in the uk. More than I expected

Well I’m off to buy that hookah lol hope you have a good rest of your day! :slight_smile:

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Ok njoy ur hookah



I want some. Got any leftovers?

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I would be happy to give

Not leftovers but have kept some for dinner

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I love Indian food. My sister hates it so I don’t get to eat it much. She’s moving next week tho

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Well then u can njoy after she leaves

Lots of fans of Indian food

Does she not like it bcoz it’s too hot n spicy?

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Could be. I don’t know. I think so

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