Nintendo 64

So I dug my old game system from 1996 out of storage. I went to a local Pawn Shop to look for some game cartridges.

I’ve got the system, controller, Zelda and Mario Brothers 64. The clerk told me I could probably get $200.00 for the whole package.

I was pleased but i won’t sell it. I like my old nostalgic stuff.


Best console ever, in my opinion. :bird::bird::bird:


I loved it back in the day. Donkey Kong was amazing! Mario Brothers is a blast as well.

So I tend to agree with you GrayBear…even though I’m no hardcore gamer.

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All these classic games can be run on phones/tablets/pc with special emulators.

No need for the actual consoles,

Ya hoarders …

Yeah, but I’m Old School. I like the whole kit and kaboodle right in front of me. :wink:

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My favourite game on the 64 was Lylat wars.

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My favourite game was goldeneye 007, classic.


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece. Someday in the not so distant future, people will look back on it as the timeless classic it is. Much like some oldies songs are recognized today.

I spent countless hours playing Goldeneye 007. So much so that it became an unspoken agreement that if you were using Oddjob in multiplayer, you were cheating. This came about after many arguments and discussions in which friendships were tested.


Old school Zelda is the best!

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