Nintedo switch 2... whn it will be real?

i sold my nintendo switch oiginal. now left only with lite … i need to wait for nintendo switch 2

usually 5 years after the release a new console comes out

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Yeah there’s a revision coming. The lack of first party releases is a dead give away. Zelda BOTW2 Bayonetta and Metroid Prime 4 are deep in development. First party (Nintendo owned properties) tend to dry up when there’s new hardware coming. Lots of rumors floating around and usually where there’s smoke there’s fire.


Didn’t think of that angle, interesting.

They’ll drop breath of the wild 2 when they announce the new switch. I’m 44 I’ve been around long enough to know how things work in the gaming biz. Be prepared not to find the new nintendo system for a year. Scalpers are gonna have a field day with it. Unless retailers put an end to scalping like 1 system per credit card or household.

PS5 and Xbox are being bought up by bots. They have computer programs that go onto websites and buy out their complete inventory. Not sure if you’re aware of that.

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I think that script is called a sneaker bot. That method was popularized by designer sneaker buyouts.

I’m really not even looking forward to a new Nintendo switch.

It’ll be cool, everyone will want one, Nintendo will deliberately short supply…

I might be a streamer, at which point I’ll just play whatever hype game is out for maybe 1 hour a day and opine on it. Maybe.

I’d have to be consistent. So torn on this.

I think 6 years

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