Night Shift Roll Call


Anybody else hanging around? What’s on your mind tonight?

Is it ‘role call’?..or…‘roll call’?

I can never remember.

Roll. I’m around. Doing some other stuff so a little busy but I drop through a fair bit.

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Okay, thanks.

I changed the Header to ‘Roll Call’.

I’m here. bored. just browsing.

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Just vaping with music in bed. Browsing the forum. Took my meds earlier.


Yup, I’m in and out… not much on my mind… probably gonna watch 90 day fiancé here in a bit once I put my step son to bed.

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I’ve never tried vaping.

Still go with the old school smokes. Don’t have a cellphone either…just a land line.

Yup. I’m a 20th Century dude I suppose.

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I really believe that the OJ Simpson trial spawned all of these reality TV shows. People couldn’t get enough of the real life drama.

Just lying on my bed. Eat a bit more today. Been eating less since med change. But a bit more today. Wonder if it’s the meds making me eat less.

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I’m here. I should be going to bed, but am wide awake.

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Amazes me still that I’m conversing with folks from all over the world from my basement computer.

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I’m here. Just had half a bowl of ramen and I don’t feel sick so I’m glad for that. Hoping to get a bit of energy to start packing the kitchen tonight.


I thought if we ever organized an party, me and @77nick77 could emcee…

@zwolfgang could drop the music beats…

and @FatMama would do the catering! :wink:


@FatMama would have to have several polls on what to cater first though.



So true!..

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But for now, I’m just dancing with myself.

Still lurve this old video!

“If I had the chance, I’d ask the world to dance”

I just talked to @zwolfgang and he’s asleep.
I’m supposed to wake him up.

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Early hours here - just watching bbc news. Waiting for tesco express to open at 6am so i can get my eggs and milk. Left the heating on by mistake so its like a bloody oven in here lol.

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Sometimes I just go for late night/ early morning drives in the car. There’s nobody around…very peaceful. I’ll stop at a 24 hour coffee joint and have a few smokes…very relaxing.

I like being alone quite often. I have a busy family life and enjoy that down time in the car all alone.