Nice psyche ward though

When people I knew or lived with talked about Stanford psyche ward they referred to it as “NOB”. I kept hearing them call it that so I asked them what “NOB” stood for. The teenage girls I lived with told me it stood for “Not out banging”.
Years later I was admitted to the ward myself. Sure enough on the door in the entrance it said in big black block letters “NOB”.
I asked a nurse why it said “NOB”. She told me it stood for "North, 0 level, Basement.
I liked the girls version better.

Ours is called 3 North.

I’m afraid to go to the psyche ward. Been in one before and had an anxiety attack and suffered from insomnia. Many restless nights couldn’t find any peace. When admitted felt a fog pass over my head. Felt like my mind wasn’t clear but a blanket over it. Some patients acted out, one of my roomates tried to steal my food and take other things from me. Couldn’t wait to get discharged and go home. Never been to the Stanford psyche ward though.

Sad that the world can not sing its way out of depresion one however is lonely.

I never been to psych ward, is there a TV in the room? It doesn’t seem to be in this video.

No, no TV in the room. There were, however, TVs in the general areas where patients are allowed to congregate.

I’ve got some weird ability too just sleep when I am impriosened.

Me too.
I live in California. When I was locked up I also spent the time working on my tan on the back lawn.