Newest sketch...going for emotion and a new style

Does it portray emotion? Is this art or just a drawing? What is the difference? I surely dont know. Not sure if i should leave as is and just touch it up or continue with fine details. I will try and do this same picture in charcoal, we will see how it goes. Pointers and criticisms welcomed so let me know how to get better!!


Both hands, leg with armor and helmet are well sketched. Just a minor complaint of his face. I think his head is too small, isn’t it?

Wish I could draw that well! It’s really good! And yes it does portray emotion!

Yeah not all quite to exact proportions your right. This is just my sketch i plan on doing like a blakened shadow backround behind him and around his face with the charcoal. Just wanted some opinions before i get to far. Thanks @Plumber

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it does show emotion, a lone soldier possibly grieving a fallen comrade

It looks great. I would add detail, shading etc to give more depth. I think the hand on he face, even with foreshortening, could use just a bit of lengthening and shadow to give more shape. :grin:

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His right hand and face tells me he is disappointed, but the rest of his body tells me it’s not the end of the world for his posture is quite relaxed. I’m as far from an artist one could be so that’s about all I can give you. Maybe his shirt/jacket can use some shading to pronounce the wrinkles better - as it is now, it strikes me as extremely wrinkled.

It seems like his right hand is a tad too small, but otherwise it’s very good. Is the figure a dirt bike rider with leg pads, goggles and helmet?

I’m envious of those with artistic abilities as I can’t even draw a convincing stick figure.:confused:

hands are really hard to master. I have book on drawing hands and feet. I’m sure you could look up instructionals online for drawing the hands. I think his head needs to fill out the helmet a bit more too.

It’s a good sketch, he looks tired more than anything else to me. But I’m not good with picking up emotions, so it’s just my fault.

Is he a pilot? Amelia Earhart?:flight_departure:

I’m a disabled vet and that is great work man!

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