New schizophrenia treatments may be effective for a subset of patients

Perhaps Eli Lilly will begin work on this medication again:

Mounting evidence indicates that disturbances in the brain’s glutamate pathway contribute to symptoms of schizophrenia. Thus, the glutamate pathway has become the target of a number of new drug therapies. Findings published in the journal Biological Psychiatry suggest that at least one of these drugs may be an effective treatment for individuals in the early course of the illness.

Re-analyzed data from inconclusive clinical trials of a compound called pomaglumetad methionil suggest that a more targeted population of subjects—patients who are early-in-disease or patients who have not already been exposed to other antipsychotic medications—may have produced a statistically significant response.

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Lilly Stops Phase III Development of Pomaglumetad Methionil For the Treatment of Schizophrenia Based on Efficacy Results