New Job, A Fashion Retailer

I start a new job soon, just waiting on call up for the shifts. It’s full time. And im not going to lie. Im super scared. Scared of my own abilities or lack of. I feel scared of being too tired to function properly. Its only retail, and shouldnt be mentally challenging, but it im still super scared.

Scared if definitely the right word. I just dont want to fail and just dont want to slip up because of possible fatigue.


Take it easy on yourself and always try to put your health first.

Congrats and best of luck to you :dizzy:.


Just try to relax and do your best. :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

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I hope it all goes well. I think it will. Good luck and congratulations on the new job!

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You’re either going to succeed in this job or learn things you need to succeed in your next job. Either way, it’s a win. Proud of you for giving it a shot.



Good luck!!! 15

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Just try to keep focussed on the job at hand. Retail can be stressful dealing with the public but it can also be fun and easy. Good luck and hope you do well.

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If it helps I was catastrophising before me job started, and it was not even close to as bad

Hope you find that too

And good luck!

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Best of luck with it all!

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I love this encouragement. Im so happy you guys exist :heartbeat:

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I had my first day. It went really well, but i had anxiety and also felt paranoid

I think it was just a natural paranoia and anxiety

The day actually went well

And the team seem nice and friendly too

I just hate it when young lads talk about women because i never do

Like for example, people , especially younger lads. We always talk about sex or women and thats something i never talk about. A) i have little experience b)im a practicing religious person now too

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@AppleKidd glad your first day went well
full time is a lot
take your meds . you aren’t cured
I worked full time for a while it was great but I went off my meds and relapsed very badly
I wonder if I would have had a pretty different life if I hadn’t spent those 2 years psychotic
I think full time work is possible for a smaller fraction of schizophrenics than those that can’t but having said that - it will also depend which jobs you go for. if you go for ‘low stress’ like retail there is a good chance you can do it.

so much good luck.

I’m trying to get back to paid work by volunteering 12h a week (3 x 4h) at a charity shop. if I do it for a long time and quite well it will give me a good idea if I can handle maybe 3 days a week.
just gotta work out the salary that would be… I think it would be about what I get from benefits…or a bit less… but low paid people can get some benefits… I don’t know … 4 days might be more worth it :slight_smile:

what is the area of retail you are going into?

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It’s a popular sport retailer in England. Theyre a global retailer but it is lowpay. Works out to be about 10£ a day minus living costs like rent and council tax

I dont want to say the name of the retailer because it would give away my anonymity and could even affect the brand (at least paranoia of stigmatisation says so,)

Another patient i met in hospital due to psychosis also works here so im lucky. We hopefully will be good friends

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Ah - I get the young guys talking about women in a sports retailer but I guess you’d get that anywhere in the younger age group especially.

I used to work full time in a farm shop
I’m in England too.

I’ve done 3 years in charity shops too but those were one or 2 shifts a week and I hadn’t got any intentions to get paid work. it’s definitely where my experience would take me for paid work…but I’m autistic and although I’m loads better still have a lot to learn even now about how to talk to people I’m below the average person and stress gets to me too…
I also hope not too much
it’s probably just when I get things madly wrong

it wouldn’t stigmatise the shop to say but your anonymity is important

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Autism is hard bro, ik all too well. Im on the spectrum too. The senses get overstimulated and you get anxiety a lot.

I may ask my dr for propranolol or im gonna get vitamin d supplments again to help deal with it - it was working well recently

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propanolol is pretty heavy duty though?

if it works well it must be worth it

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No idea, all i know is that it worked to a degree when i was younger and recently i used it too and it worked again. Okayish. But who knows. Maybe the vitamin d option is much better, it keeps your happier whereas propanolol doesnt and ofc. Like you say. Its a medicine after all and not natural

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I think some people swear by it
It has a nasty list of side effects but so do aps so I don’t know really

ask around here ?

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I think some people swear by it
It has a nasty list of side effects but so do aps where it really is worth it so I don’t know really

ask around here ?

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