New drawing

New drawing I did. What do you all think. Haven’t drawn in ages. Finally bit of motivation.


It’s good! Who is it?

This is original. Found it on internet. They’re not really alike.

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It looks very similar to the original. Good job!

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Thanks ghgfbbfgh

Your drawing is a very good likeness of the original.

Thanks dfgggggfghgff

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I think you have done an excellent work! Great expression. I like that it doesn’t look exactly like the photo. That is what makes it uniquely yours. Stay creative! :blush:

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That is a brilliant drawing
I’ve taken up drawing now but I try to draw people’s faces but it never resembles the person

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What do u think


Very creative. Cartoon style.

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I like it. Good job. :apple::apple::apple:

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You should become a police sketch artist, no joke :relaxed:


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