New dog - Rona

I have yet another dog. This makes 3 and I am so in love with her.


Pics??? :dog: gbggf

Yay! What kind of dog is she?


@CrayonCanal she is a pitbull boxer mix


Awwwwww -514142

My sister has a pitbull/boxer cross, too. You’re lucky - they’re great!

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I have two of them now.

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So cuuuuute! She looks like she’s saying “Yo! Puparazzi, get outta my face!”

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Awwwwwwww sweet eyesss!

What is up with the numbers in your post? I see people doing this

The site only allows the minimum of 15 characters, when replies don’t reach that minimum we put the 15 in front until it does.

Sweet thanks 15151515

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