New diagnosis and new worries

I have been hospitalized many times in the past two months and after a long stay recently, they were unsure whether it was BPD or schizophrenia. I’m 27. I started having symptoms when I was 26 but they said some of the delusions I had when I was 13 could also have been symptoms. I had a plan for suicide and was ready to end it because of my voices, but I received help.

I am teacher, but I recently resigned due to my mental health deterioration, but I want to get back in August. I’m on medication which sort of helps, but what is the outlook for my career? Is BPD part of the schizophrenia spectrum? I still have voices everyday and the doctors told me it won’t go away and I have to learn to live with them. If I have the urge to harm myself, do I call someplace? I am living alone with my dog for awhile.

Sorry, I just have had such a huge change in my life. I went from a new, dream job in my dream location, to having to resign and am moving back with my mom (I love her for taking me in). I still have suicidal thoughts but the medicine is helping I think.


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Sorry for the diagnosis. You could have both. It’s called schizoaffective.

Suicidal ideation eventually goes away. It’s good you got help. Sometimes it can take a while for the feelings to pass but they will pass.

I am a suicide survivor so I know the pain. Went right from the opearating room to the nut house. That was my introduction to mental health. It was a tough lesson.


Maybe @minij393 means borderline personality disorder by BPD? I had it like diagnosis in the past. It seems it gets better with age. But in schizophrenia, there could be personality deterioration too. Just have hope. You can do it minij once you are used to the diagnosis. Many people work even with this kind of diagnosis.


Welcome to the forum @minij393! It sounds like you’re having a rough time. I was originally diagnosed as bipolar and then later as schizoaffective, bipolar type. The important thing is to work with your pdoc and take the meds. They can help a lot with the symptoms but sometimes it takes a while to get the right combination. If you have the urge to harm yourself you can call 911 or go to the emergency room. They can get you to a safe place and take care of you.

So sorry you are down…I hope you continue to follow closely with your pdoc and take your meds…you have a lot to live for…find hope and find life.

Welcome to the community! There are many here who have managed to survive and thrive in spite of their symptoms and successfully return to be part of the community and workforce. You could be one of them!



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I was teacher when I had a breakdown and lost my job. But, I returned, teaching one on one, like tutoring and getting my own students by advertising in the local advertiser.

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Hang in there! Your road to stability has just started. It will take time but you have to hang in there. With the right medication you will be functioning at least normal but it just takes time. You also have to give your medication a chance to work because that also takes time. Hang in there and welcome to the forum!!

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