New avatars

As king of the forum i decree that the avatars being presently used have become stale and that all using the forum must select a new one.

And from the time of said change one must select a new avatar no less than every six months if they still reside on this forum.

I have spoken.

Have complied sire.

there it is.

I propose a revolution.


Thou hast pleased me and you shall be rewarded greatly.

I do not wish to harm my people but only to provide them with new and enjoyable avatars that they can be happy with.

Fool! You dare propose such things?

Kill him! I shall not and will never be questioned!

Geez, you’re pretty strict. I’ll give you two sixpence to spare my life.

I’ve needed an excuse to change my avatar anyways…

I provideth.

Twenty charachters.

yeah that’s why I changed mine too…

Eh stale??!! I just changed mine yesterday.

Referring back to the decree: Provided you have a new one or are a new member you must change every six months unless you select to change before that time.

My phone won’t let me change!

:smirk: Funny though, I created a new one a few hours ago but didn’t like it in the end, so never put it up.

You shall be shown much mercy, you may remain on the forum although you cannot change it.

I hope mine has changed. It’s hard to tell as it shows changed at the top where notification button etc are but not in preferences.

Hasn’t changed. Although I choose a new custom avatar. Could it be because the address is linked to gravatar (which avatar is the picture of me) although I didn’t use that option?

@firemonkey Mine did that yesterday. It went away after I logged out cleaned the cache and logged back in again. But it is showing on the board.

Refreshed the page and there it was…

As thou hath declared!

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I didn’t vote for you. Wait is this the Monty Python thread?

In any case, a change would be good. I’ll upload a new one for myself.

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It will be refreshing for us all.

Who wants to look at the same thing forever right?