Never grow up!

I don’t want to grow up. I’m a fifty one year old kid and I think adults are BORING. I never had kids and been jobless since 1998. Anybody relate? I don’t want to mention Hans Christian Andersen.


I used to think that way until sz. I played video games and the like into my 40’s. Since sz I have very little interest in “kids stuff” anymore. I envy your attitude though.

Don’t grow up!

Childlike is admirable, it’s childish that gets you in trouble

Well, I’m 57 and while I don’t feel like a kid, I can’t relate to people who have “cast” themselves as adults/older, which apparently includes not enjoying a lot of things, wearing cardigans and polyester garments (jk sort of :wink:) and being dour most of the time. Those types of folks always seem to me like they’re already on a death watch, like they’re already prepping to be old and infirm, even as early as like 40! Myself, I try to have maximum fun at all times, be stupid sometimes, not take myself so seriously, coz sza is no joke so why not squeeze what fun there is out of life? I’m gonna be the guy in the nursing home that the nurses have to keep telling to “turn that terrible music down!!” :upside_down_face:

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