Netflix raising prices for standard and premium plans in the U.S. and Canada


They keep increasing the price, pfff.

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I think we’re about to drop it. We hardly watch it now.


I only watched Bojack on it and they canceled that show.

Stranger Things is in limbo and I don’t really care about it now.

Netflix is worth it in other countries where Hulu doesn’t exist, as they actually get good movies and shows on it there. In the USA not so much.


they just did it over here. I’m paying extra this month!


That’s it! I’m canceling Netflix now. I hardly ever watch it anyway. I’m switching to Hulu.

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Apparently it’s lot more expensive in the US than here. Which is surprising because almost everything, including entertainment, is usually a lot cheaper in the US. Sounds like they’re overpricing.

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They got the biggest library of content in the US. Domestic and foreign movies and tv shows.

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They do here too.

@anon9798425 I thought each country has different catalogs.

They do but Netflix still has by far the biggest one.

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