Negative symptoms - do they get better?

Avolition is killing me at the moment. I’ve gained so much weight from sitting around and doing nothing and it has really affected me.

^ ditto.
Right now sitting on the couch Is about the only thing that seems to be worth the effort

omg my negative symptoms are the worst, i try to stay motivated get goin with a career and try to do things, but its just like my creativity is zapped and im a bump on a log.

despite the dread, i still try to enjoy life and im hopin by switching from invega to latuda this month i will get a better health outcome. its been a struggle, i have a HUGE gap on my resume and the only work ive done in years has been volunteer work, i have a daughter and my ex thinks im a porky pig thats a bit bonkers…which isnt too far from the truth, but hey…its a crazy world, and who knows maybe just maybe theres meaning to all this.

lol at the neo in the matrix comment, i got a kick out of that…i too was sure i was fighting robots and the system.

Yes I’m struggling with negative symptoms too.
No motivation to do stuff.
No pleasure whatsoever.
No will power.
No feelings towards people.
No emotions.

This is called deficit schizophrenia.
I’ve recently come across an article which explains the brain abnormalities found in people with deficit schizophrenia, as opposed to the non-deficit type:

Besides my regular medicine (risperidone + antidepressants + mood stabilizer) which is all crap, I’ve also tried a supplement called sarcosine. It didn’t help. I’ll maybe try minocycline in the near future.

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I didn’t realise this condition had a distinct name, thanks Andrey.

Since my hallucinations stopped I decided to come of the Risperidone… The negative symptoms are dramatically better. Over the course of a month and a half my memory has come back around 70%. I am also thinking more clearly. Still emotionally flat, but that can be lived with, at least I feel human again.

I would recommend anyone on Risperidone to talk to their doc if they are having negative symptoms. They side effects seemed to compound things for me and I’m sure it can the be the same for others.

It’s good that you got rid of some of your negative symptoms! So, now, you are on meds or totally cut them off?

Out of personal experience i say they do, like almost every one associated with the illness i never thought i can re-function with society and be active to wake up in mornings, have lunch with friends and visit family members, but when we are required to do so and it becomes part of our daily schedule, step by step we will find out we have regained some of our functionality and became more aware of how to manage these negative symptoms. They hit, but we can minimize their impact by getting busy.

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The passage of time

Are you saying over the course of time they improve?

Hi Redrose, Yep. The medication is totally cut off now. I started Risperidone in May last year (4mg). I think I started tapering them off around September, extremely gradually. By November/December I was on 1mg. By January, 0mg.

I was still having mild hallucinations, but they no longer bothered me so I persisted. I was more worried about the side-effect profile and long-term effects of the drug - of which all correlated with what I was experiencing. Lack of emotion, sexual dysfunction, blurred vision etc.

I had little support from my doctor - they said the condition could become chronic without meds and they recommended at least three years on them. But I would say that it is important to listen to yourself - you are the number one expert on you. If you believe you can do it you probably can.

I believed I was ready. I found it possible to manage any issues during the process, but I have had lots of CBT throughout my life and a very supportive network around me. I’m not sure everyone could do the same if they were not as well-equipped.

The doctors have since noted that my recovery has been very rapid indeed considering how severe my symptoms were previously.

Many symptoms remain but I am a lot better. Sadly I have started hearing voices since coming off the meds, not audibly, but very quietly at the back of my mind. I can deal with it though - they are random mutterings and aren’t harmful.

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Also I would like to state the importance of routine and keeping busy. Trying to stay creative and getting back to work all helps. If I had given into the illness and quit my job (I was very close to doing this) I would have lost this fight very quickly. Luckily my employer was supportive and gave me the time to recover and workload that I could handle - they treated me just like any other employee with a serious longterm illness, and I was very lucky.


When I had reduced my meds, not even cutting them off, I had crises, so, I don’t want to experience it again. However, it’s good that you are doing well off meds, I wish I could do the same. But sometimes a relapse comes a year after you have quit your medicine…

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Looks like you don’t suffer from deficit schizophrenia after all, @minotaur. Consider yourself lucky!

Thanks Andrey. I definitely have some deficits. But they are more manageable now :slight_smile:

I forgot what I was trying to say. As I got older, the positive symptoms died down and the negative ones came to the fore.

me too… 1515155