Need suggestions

I’m in the process of starting my third poetry book. What themes and/or topics should I cover?


Did You publish something?? Are You good and write for yourself or share??

I think every book/poem/art piece is about LIFE and TIME… Every single one

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I published my books on Amazon and the free copies are in the “Creativity” section of this forum.


You might try writing about racism? What do you think?

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Great topic @Borath, didn’t cover that one yet. Thank you.

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You bet. Know much about the Jewish Holocaust?

Or the holocausts that go on today? We could all stand to know more, incl. me.

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I do, but very little. I will cover it in the racism section.

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Very cool. I didn’t know about that section. Go for it.

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No no, I meant in my book @Borath

Hurrah, then. I am in Oregon, USA.

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