Need something to watch

I haven’t found anything good in a while. My prof. tells me to watch Hannibal (show) but its not on hulu or anything. Also a good anime would be cool haven’t seen anything good in a while.



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Watch Hand of God on Amazon Prim! It’s about a guy in psychosis. Very, very, good show.


X-files is on uk Amazon prime.

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Supernatural on Netflix


True Detective Season 1

Watch psycho-pass dub and also the second season. Very psychological and good food for thought. Not only thought provoking but a bit educational too.

Just finished it myself now in the void (the hole in your life where the awesome show used to be).

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Once upon a time or try an anime? :slight_smile:

Morco polo wasnt bad its on netflix its like a lower budget game of thrones mongolian style…if @Minnii likes this she owes me a soda


Ha called it 151515

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Take your pick

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downloaded ghost in the shell… TPB is down…

got some crappy version with some audio over it… one dude speaking in another language over all the dialog of the american version…

wtf… I was disappointing.

Yea id just rent it somehwere. Its worth it. One of the best movies ever. That and Akira

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akita akitaaaaaa


I like the myazaki films…

spirited away and howls moving castle… like watching a dream

What was it… little nemo in slumberland… something that tune but a bit more grown up

princess mononoke is good but after you absorb the environment that move is very long and very boring…

the wolf girl is pretty cute though. Quiet and potent… deadly I guess…

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So dope

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It was Ponyo
What is up with invalid body bs now i cant just say want i want to say. This is really restrictive of my freedom of speech

yeah the limits on here are bs… but its most about not allowing spammers and crap 1515151515

Whatever they really need to allow it better. Sometimes i don’t want to type complete sentences damnit