Need AP now

He hurts me
He says I need to behave
I need to behave
I call out to Father and he swears at me
He says I can’t do that
He says God doesn’t help lying whores like me
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
Hurts me says I should just listen to him
Says lots of gross things to me I don’t want to repeat
Because they disgust me
I was curled up in a ball shaking for a while tonight
Wishing it would all go away
Him and life
But of course neither did
But I felt a little better curled up tight like that
Felt like I could get hit and not die
In the end I exploded out of the fog he had me in and I grew great jaws like a monster and crushed him between them
I spat him out and vomited out everything he’d put in me too
But he doesn’t care
He’ll just hurt me again
I’ll never be free
I’ll never be free

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