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NAMI on Campus provides information and resources to support students’ mental health and to empower them to take action on their college campuses. It helps to ensure that all students have positive, successful and fun college experiences.

To find a NAMI on Campus club at your school see the current listings or get started by forming a new club using the provided resources.

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I wish we had NAMI, they sound so ace my mum got a lot of her information from their website. We have time to change, mind and rethink but they all seem to encourage anti stigma towards more acceptable illnesses, like depression, anxiety, eating disorders and they do a lot for bipolar but we have some celebrities with it that encourage the anti stigma image. I rarely see them do anything about psychosis and schizophrenia which angers me as they’re still not doing the action we so need, one however they did post was done by a friend of mine when I was inpatient, he knew immediately what was wrong with me and talked to me like a human in my first weeks there, he would make me cups of tea and talk about art. So I shared his blog and video
immediately but I think in our country people we’re still back logged. I have intention of creating a graphic novel, possibly anonymously, maybe start it over
the summer and use my diaries to create it not to mention whilst I’m still experiencing it and have strong memories.

My problem is whether it would be published, people here don’t even understand the meaning of psychosis, my mum works in the nhs with people who deal with teenagers with mental health and they don’t understand or know what psychosis is. It wasn’t recognised in me until I was at my limit I was seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist for depression and severe anxiety (prodromal symptoms) and one lady said I needed to be in hospital but there they drugged me to my eyeballs on olanzapine and because it didn’t work thought I was lying took me off it, it wasn’t until two years later after being reviewed by a nurse specialising in psychosis who did an assessment, knew and my new doctor put me on chlorpromazine which huzzah worked… Dopamine hypothesis example!

But we have such a lack of awareness, there were so many people who could have changed my outcome I might not have wound up with schiz had my psychosis been realised and because I withdrew into myself and self destructed rather than hurt someone else people didn’t suspect it.

Rethink are more likely to do work on psychosis as they were the national schizophrenia society or something and they did a commission for schizophrenia not long after I was diagnosed which was ace and mind do information on it but I wish they’d do more it upsets me that they all sort of mollycoddle what’s in the media and what’s acceptable.

My mum did her pledge for time to change though and if asked she’ll tell people straight up that I have schizophrenia without embarrassment or shame, she also stands up for people with schiz and psychosis in her meetings ‘oh she’s psychotic’ mum will reply ‘did she have a psychotic break then? When was she diagnosed? Is she on meds?’ And they’ll look shocked and go ‘noo… She’s just violent’ and then my mum will go off on one of her lectures (I love her lectures) she saw a lady in a city near by, people were avoiding her, mum went up recognising she was in the middle of it and the lady locked on saying ‘they’re following me you know!’ Mum started talking to her, and she replied ‘they’re following you now’ to which my mum replied ‘that’s good, I’ll take them away for you’ the lady explicitly thanked her. I was so proud, we’ve both come a long way with this! We want to set up a retreat together for people with mental illness, which we planned whilst i was in hospital, she aksed me what i would have needed and there you go a “let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your being” was born, she’s training to be a counsellor for people like me and I’m on route (quite near the beginning the actual training won’t happen for three years p, plenty of time to get sorted) to wanting to be an art therapist for people like me! I might not get in the program but you never know, I’m getting the qualifications towards it.

Sorry I’ve sought of gone off on a tangent… Hope I don’t deflect :(!

Take care,


NAMI mainly caters to families and friends of those afflicted with severe mental illnesses. I cannot find a NAMI group for those living with a mental illness within a 60 mile radius

You have a wealth of information and knowledge based on your postings. Perhaps starting a NAMI group in your area could be beneficial.

Hi @BarbieBF are you referring to me? It is something to consider in the future possibly. I dont think I could manage the stress now - thanks

Yes Wave I was referring to you :smile: Maybe not now but with help perhaps one day.


This is great for you and your mom! I would love to retire from my job here and do more in that area myself…