Name your favorite poster!

Who’s posts do you enjoy the most of the members on this forum? Name them and give them some recognition for their contribution to the forum!

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@77nick77 always gives me a chuckle. A natural comedian. And his recovery stories are always inspiring.


You know it’s funny, that’s the first person I thought of as well. I think I am going to go with @77nick77 myself. It’s always good to get a little humor on the forum.

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Oh and for brownie points I am naming the Mods. They are underrecognized imfuo.

@ninjastar @ZombieMombie @Moonbeam @rogueone @Jayster


I also usually like @Aziz posts because they are generally right up my alley because we both have severe negatives and are both interested in partial dopamine agonists and the like. I just generally feel I have interest in his topics.

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Guys, we don’t do popularity contests here. It can hurt feelings.