My words may not weigh much

But as you have seen the Ukrainian crises evolving, in my opinion the only solution is to break up the nation, because Russians want to be free and not to join the EU, but Ukrainians try to control them and join the EU, although all prices go up after joining the EU as it has been seen already in so many different nations. I know the USA, the FBI and so are on the side of the EU, but I believe Russians have a freedom to choose. I am just this paranoid sz writing my own thoughts. When I traveled in Europe in 1991 I did not need the EU. In Europe there are many nice places such as fortresses to see and to do this no EU is needed. Just my thoughts. Back in 1997 I was invited to attend one event arranged by the consulate of Switzerland and I asked when Switzerland will join the EU. The former Swiss consulate to Cuba said ‘they are not planning’, and I know they will never join the EU. Just my thoughts.

This EU brings all kinds of new regulations such as one that took away my childhood friend’s driver’s license, because he had been in the police lock-up too often. Yes, he had a serious alcohol problem and this event made him very sad and eventually he died as I have told earlier. His father tried to save him, but that intervention was unsuccessful. I suppose he got depressed and drank more, three months before his death I told him that he would die, if he did not stop his behavior. But he died anyway. The EU is not as good as they make it to seem.

I know about these EU matters quite a lot, because in the USA I often received EU directives from the Department of Commerce of the USA in the 1990s. So I got their information.

Sometimes I laugh aloud by myself, when I think about these EU directives. For example, the EU’s tobacco directive made all grocery and other stores to keep tobacco brands behind closed doors so that people do not see what brands are available. I do not smoke, but I just buy pure nicotine in nicotine gums. However, where I am the large number of people smoke and they know all brands and so keeping these products behind closed doors have no effect at all. Everytime when I go to the store, there are people buying tobacco. Sales people are not allowed to tell what brands are available, but everybody knows. Many people travel to Russia and elsewhere to get tobacco at cheaper prices, as I understand they are allowed to bring just 200 cigarettes back to the EU. I suppose soon there will be the EU nicotine directive to prevent me purchasing these pure nicotine products.

The best thing the EU did was make all the money the same.

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There are many EU nations that do not use Euro such as UK, Sweden and Denmark. Norway is not even in the EU. These seem to do well. If suddenly currencies were changed to old currencies, people would realize how much prices have increased during the Euro era. For example, my ‘royal’ meal, liver casserole, has gone up from 2 old Finnish marks to 12 old Finnish marks in 25 years. Basically this simple meal has become more expensive.

One bottle of cheap red wine was six old Finnish marks in the 1980s and now it costs six euros, 36 old Finnish marks. What the inflation it is. I do not know how people afford to drink it. My favorite subject in the university was economics, I always got 5, the best.