My tree poem

I think that I well always be as big and strong as a Tree,
with limbs that starch out far and wide,
with roots deep inside.
who’s rugged bark has served him well,
through rain and snow and hail,
who’s leaves have gathered life ,
too all its branches’ ,
and gave its seeds too the masses.
and when they come to cut me down,
my dying wish is,
plant another one in the ground.


That’s beautiful! :evergreen_tree:

I love it! What a great poem Dr Zen, you’re really talented. (But I must admit, I’ve been missing your cartoons lately)

I love this! Moved to creativity.

You make me want to be a tree DrZen!

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Awesome poem! I especially like the part about trees. Trees are wonderful creatures! :blush:

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Awesome amazing beautiful

i’m a tree too, but it would be vain for me to give or plant my seeds, even near death, methinketh. still, it’s cool that you have done that, drzen.

You’re a mighty redwood @TheGreatestDrZen, you’ve got a few more hundred years left for us to enjoy you.