My testimony

i would love to give my testimony

i think it would be pretty hard to stand up and tell people my story but i would like to share it

i just want to help people, i think if they hear my story maybe it could prevent it from happening to someone else, i like to think that you can prevent schiz somehow and i dont see anything wrong with thinking that, its not just genetic and you are going to get it whether you like it or not bc thats just sad.

i want to do it personally and tell them how i was helped and what helped me like meds and a need to improve, maybe i was saved for a reason, maybe i was given this gift for a reason, a new life, a new way of thinking, i am not worthy of this i am really not worthy.


Writing is a kind of testimony. The world treats you unfairly because you are of a different color, gender, have a mental illness, or whatever tell your story. Talk about an imaginary third person to whom anyone can relate (oh that charicter has children who act just like little Timmy! I’ve noticed that people treat Muslims like that, but I never realized it was so hurtful! Ect.) and people will sympathize and you might change their view point and bring a little more love into the world.