My sweet tooth disappeared with age

when i was a kid i lived off sugar, but then around age 24, for some weird reason i stopped reaching for sweets and deserts. now it’s very rare that i have anything with sugar, like a soda, or cookie, or brownie, although i do eat a lot of fruit. it’s weird i like real meals now that fill me up and not all the empty calories.


and candy and chocolate bars don’t taste very good to me. but i do like starbursts, which i have like every 3 years haha.

and if i do happen to drink, i never go for a sweet wine or cider or something, it tastes too sweet to me.

There is a theory floating around that children and adolescents need more carbs than adults because of the rate at which they grow.

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i think why i stopped eating sweets, is because my brother in law would always visit the house and bring brownies or cookies and things, but he never ate any of it, and i finally noticed this. so i thought he was trying to sabotage my health or something, so i stopped reaching for the sweets. then after a few years my taste buds changed or something and now sugar is not somehting i even want, i almost passed out a couple times when i didn’t have sugar for months. so now i eat fruit.

yeah i can see kids needing more carbs, they are so active usually.

Sometimes I want to put tabasco on my cake…

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Yeah, my sweet tooth is not as strong as it was just several years ago.

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