My sister is just waiting on the Title company

Everything that came back from the inspection was minor and has been dealt with, The appraisal came back good. The lender has everything they need. Just waiting for the Title company to schedule time to sign papers and my sister can get the keys to her house.

It’s a nice house. She’s going to be really happy there. Plenty of elbow room. She can have an office, workout room and a guest room. Plus there’s a den she wants to turn into a kid friendly area for my grandbabies so we can have visits over there and they can just be kids and have fun. The yard though, wow, it’s amazing. It’s like a park. It’s just what she dreamed of. It’s a triple lot. Plenty of room for a greenhouse. I’m really happy for her.


sounds really nice =)

i hope you get the papers signed soon so she can move into the house!

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Supposedly she’ll close escrow by the 30th. At the beginning of this process we had a bet to see who could guess the closest to when escrow would close. I said the 23rd, that’s my birthday. Looks like I’m going to win the bet.

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haha nice =D
what do you get if you win the bet?

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I think we said $5


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