My pdoc prescribed me low dose Zyprexa as an add on

I just came back from the pdoc - we decided on a very low dose of Zyprexa - 1.25 mg to 2.5 mg to add on to my 2.5 mg of Risperdal, for my paranoid anxiety/OCD.

I turned down an antidepressant and Abilify because they will make my symptoms of anxiety worse.

We decided on a low dose of Zyprexa, I have been on this med before in the past - its great for anxiety/paranoia and supposedly OCD symptoms.

Hopefully the Risperdal/Zyprexa will work out - I see her in another 2 weeks


As I’ve said on this forum, I gained 60 pounds on Zyprexa. … beware

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Oh yes, I am very aware of the possibility of weight gain on this drug - I plan on to continue with my walking for at least an hour a day, weight lifting and low carb diet.

I will be monitoring my blood glucose levels daily.

If things get out of control, I will quickly stop taking the Zyprexa

Good. Much more than I did.

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I just decided to cancel the Zyprexa - I just realized that this medication gave me Hypothyroidism years ago - got to talk to her about it when I see her.

Oh well another prescribed med I wont be taking!

im taking zyprexa 15 years, it helps me sleep

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I also take a low dose of Olanzapine with my usual meds - only 5mg. It helps as an antidepressant.

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The Zyprexa is actually on Hold - I will talk to her to see if I can possibly take it, and I will be discussing the new med Rexulti - There is a chance that I might still take Zyprexa as an add on - I just have to really watch my diet and continue exercising