My parents are going to be gone for 10 days, at the beach

I don’t know how I’m going to handle this, because I’m going to get very lonelier.

My parents travel every year, last time they went to Mexico for 8 days, I passed time by making food, playing video games and listening to music.

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Thank you for the advice Aziz

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Is this the first time you will be left alone?

No, I’ve alone a bunch of times. I have also lived in an apartment alone for like 8 months.

Well, if it went successfully before, there should be nothing to worry about. Right?

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My sister in law and nephew are at the beach and the beach got closed.

Thank you for the good advice.

I’m oldest of a number of kids.

We liked it when the parental units would go away for a spell. Therefore, we’d make it look super cleaned up when they returned so that they would go away again real soon.


Yea I always looked at it like freedom like we were big kids now.
But later my brothers would throw big party and get drunk. So I had to try and got sick and didn’t like alcohol for a while after that so that was good actually. :rofl:

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