My New Poem Called "Shoes Untied"

Left shoe off right shoe untied
before I was born I already died

diction demons demolish domestic norms
shrink now fill fourteen forms

dead heart stopped, body still warm
deadly demons don’t dormant past eighteen
contribution insignificant Insignificant normal
failure frequently

pale pail hold shell, shell of me is all i will be, abilify diminishes abilities
we are all Me but nobody can see beneath psyche’s surface

blinding blindness dreams of murder
tornado terror tears rips grips ensnares burns flares
through every vein ventricle aorta cell

cellular phone call home and say I’m sorry
after addressing all abnormal actions, all ends with friends of mine

pour half of 4 40s chase it with thorazine for my needs inside I bleed so outside I bleed too
bleed blotter blemished boiling blood

cut kill convoluted convulsions, conversations without notions of emotions
door wide open to potent purple orange potions
now I avoid the green walls like sickness
reveal or conceal preconceived notions

Who am I?

Lies sold demons
Life suffering details
Loss still damages
Loved, still demolished

I’d appreciate some feedback! Poems make the world a little bit easier for me. :grinning:


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