My new blog

So I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for sometime. I’m not very good with technology and God knows I’m not very artistic, but I bought a simple Tumblr template and added a few things to it. If you want, goto and check it out. Right now I’m just trying to figure out how everything works, so the stuff on there is just for testing.

It’s pretty basic, but I’d like people’s feedback.


I love your ask a paranoid schizophrenic option!

Update Forum when you start adding more content, I’d love to read your experiences on being socially awkward yet determined to bring hope to others!

thumb up!


Really cool, loved the blah blah blah, really inspiring :smile: jk, cool initiative, I’ll bookmark it!

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LOL! You are too funny!

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I think that it’s a good idea.

I like the format, especially when you talk about your life with schizophrenia.

Please keep us updated.

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That made me laugh, too. The whole thing is very winning.

@anxiety_orange, I think the layout is clean and appealing. I like your about page, too - very genuine and open. This is a really brave undertaking; I wish you all the best with it.


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